High DHA algae in oil & capsules 

DHA is highly unsaturated long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid – a flexible structure which allows electrical signals to pass more easily from one brain cell to another. The amount of body DHA is small and most of it comes from our diet, most common fish , now a highly purified form of DHA is extracted from Algae.

Important for infant eyes and brain and especially in the baby’s first three months where DHA accounts for 10 -15% of the baby’s cerebral cortex. In adults research studies suggest a link to memory loss, ADHD and vision. Additional benefits of DHA to grown people are great effects on cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels. European Health authorities suggest dietary DHA daily intake of breast feeding babies of 100 – 200 mg and 200 mg high DHA for adults. Our company provide DHA rich algae source both in bottles and capsules, either in standard capsules or Kosher ones. OmegaMore high Omega 3 DHA concentration, stabilized with Origanox®, in one capsule, reducing the amount of supplements to be taken: and in line with EFSA health claims.

Whether in capsules or aluminum small bottles, in bulk format like drums or powder and gel packaged products, OmegaMore High DHA oil from fish or algae is suitable for an array of applications: nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, algae enriched food, animal feed and cosmetics.

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