28-07-2015-first-logo-copyOmegaMore is a young but aggressive company who has identified and recognized that gap in world nutritional OTC health sector, and its interface between health and food and are ready to offer unique and innovative product range based on high potency DHA omega 3 fish oil very high DHA Algae omega 3 oil combined with large selection of special food supplements and fortified foods based on DHA platform, ready to address the needs of two worlds Health and Food.

Being involved with Omega 3 Fatty Acids and the development of all kind of Omega 3 supplements for many years, Israel Galmor, businessman and entrepreneur has extended his work in this field, by entering a new and exciting food enrichment business in forming OmegaMore ®. All the benefits and advantages of Omega 3 oil with special emphasis on unique Algae source rich with high DHA and EPA, is now implemented in unique patented formulations of fortifying food of many kinds. These unique products are the result of comprehensive research and collaboration with some of the leading food analysts and scientists backed by biological laboratories in Israel, are now offered in variety of forms and packages to address growing nutraceutical market needs.

OMEGA 3 FORTIFIED FOODS – This new sector has recently been researched by the company and resulted with significant developments both in liquid form such as beverages and oils as well as breads and chocolates, with Omega 3 formulations developed with collaborations with leading food laboratories.

OMEGA 3 WITH NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS – OmegaMore is no exception in this highly lucrative market. In collaboration with leading scientists and laboratories, the company has developed an array of formulations of Omega 3 for normal daily intake or superior pharmaceutical product. ,with special supplements and ingredients such as Q10, Phytosterol, Glucosamine, Folic acid and Vitamin D3.

Low long chain omega-3 fatty acid status in middle-aged women. Long-chain (LC) omega-3 fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs) have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and cognitive decline. Several studies have shown that the LC n-3 PUFA status in women in western countries is low. The aim of this study was to assess the LC n-3 PUFA status in middle-aged German women and to identify variables that might affect the status.

DHA Important for infant eyes and brain and especially in the baby’s first three months


DHA omega-3 is 10-15%, the composition of the retina and optic nerve dominant activity.


DHA is a major component of the brain which concentration ranges from 25-30% fatty tissue of the brain.

OmegaMore ®

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